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Paco Roncero Restaurante launches a new menu


Madrid, 29 June 2023. As summer is about to come, Paco Roncero is launching a new menu at his restaurant. A menu that invites us to travel through some of the most special moments of his career, which gives us the opportunity to understand the present work he is developing, but also gives us a chance to look at what the chef’s concerns are for the near future.

Paco is considered one of the leading representatives of Spanish avant-garde cuisine in recent times and is also an example and inspiration for new generations of chefs.  His new menu breathes a post-modernist essence and explores the best of Paco’s professional career. In fact, at Paco Roncero Restaurante (until 2019 known as La terraza del Casino), the classic has never been absent, because evolution cannot be understood if the essential is not mastered. The reinterpretation of traditional Spanish recipes in some of his dishes has always accompanied Roncero’s cuisine and will continue to do so, but this time in harmony with a neo-creativity that is present throughout the menu.

The new menu’s main attraction is in the search for and use of the best ingredients, which are the main driving force behind Paco’s cuisine. He likes to work using the best ingredients at each time of the year, without renouncing to those products which, due to their particularities, can be used throughout the year at different times of the year.

Snacks play an important role at the beginning of this new menu and invite diners to rediscover some of the most iconic dishes of Paco’s cuisine through small bites of food with a fascinating mix of technical complexity, preparation, and simplicity when it comes to eating and recognizing flavours and ingredients that are captivating. As a welcome, Marriage of anchoviesChicken fricassee and Brava sauce style Pig ear, versions of some traditional Madrid recipes that can be found in any bar in the capital. But also, some of Roncero’s essential snacks, such as the Filipino of foie gras with white chocolate and cardamomor Millefeuille of pickled fish mullet

Following this, we find well-known dishes such as Steak tartar, which will be presented with the chef’s personal touch, and another classic that cannot be missed, such as the Millenary olive tree, which is served at a moment dedicated to paying homage to olive oil, the study of which has always been one of Paco’s great passions.

The menu continues with dishes featuring the best ingredients, treated minimally to enhance their gastronomic value, but accompanied by more technical dishes such as White Asparagus with morelsSquid with onionsSole with black butter or Veal tail with Iberian ham duxelle and Boletus.

In the final part of the menu, the snacks once again take center stage, this time in their dessert version, with refreshing creations where sweet and savoury are balanced. Here there are some contemporary classic desserts such as Manjar blancoor Paulova, some of which are finished in front of the diners.

As it has been until now, everything that happens here cannot be understood without the important staging of the dining room service, directed by Sara Fort. The team guides diners through the experience, allowing them to interact and inviting them to be part of what happens there, with moments of absolute immersive gastronomy, where the dining room will cook some of the dishes à la minute.

In this mise-en-scène, the plating and tableware also take on great importance, where Roncero incorporates pieces that once again show this mixture of classic and modern, with pieces created by master craftsmen and others made with molds designed in his workshop, manufactured with 3D printing or edible silicone. To present some of the dishes on this new menu we also find supports made with filaments from the plastic bottles of soft drinks or milk that are consumed in the establishment itself and to which they want to give a new life.

The wine cellar is another of the restaurant’s great attractions, under the direction of María José Huertas, one of Spain’s leading sommeliers whose work is highly appreciated both in Spain and abroad. María José has been working with Paco for more than 20 years and they have created a very special connection that is reflected both in the menu (with more than 1000 labels) and in the exclusive pairings that perfectly accompany the experience.

Paco Roncero Restaurante is an oxymoron; it is a modern and cosmopolitan restaurant with an avant-garde gastronomic proposal, located in a nineteenth century building in the Spanish capital, the NH Collection Casino de Madrid. As Paco understands it, it is a space for reflection and refuge, with a carefully designed interior, the work of the designer Jaime Hayon in the interior and Julio Guixeres on the terrace, who have managed to create the perfect atmosphere for visitors to let themselves be carried away in the hands of Paco and his team.

Paco thinks that this new menu is a consequence of the work he has been doing over the last few years, preparing the content of his next book, “The silent insurrection of the chef Paco Roncero” (Montagud Editores). The great exercise of retrospective, introspective and perspective that he has done to create this book, which will be published very soon, has helped him to put his ideas in order and to reveal latent concerns that he wishes to bring to light to continue along this path that leads him to be in a constant evolution to achieve new goals and fulfil more dreams.

Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons to enjoy the restaurant if weather and temperature allows to, the spectacular terrace of the restaurant, located in the heart of Madrid, at Calle Alcalá 15, just a few meters from Puerta del Sol. 

Reservations to discover this menu can be made on the website or via telephone at +34 91 532 12 75.

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