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Óscar Velasco and Montse Abellà open their Restaurant VelascoAbellà

VelascoAbellà is the name, and it is located in the Chamartín district of Madrid

Madrid, 12 June 2023. After a period in which Montse has been working as a cooking teacher and Óscar has been leading the gastronomy of the luxury hotel of the company Unico Hotels Finca Serena in Mallorca, both chefs are opening today their own restaurant called VelascoAbellà.

VelascoAbellà is the very personal project of Óscar and Montse, which they have developed with time and care to begin to write a new chapter in their lives, both professionally and personally. For the public this is a long-awaited restaurant, for them it is something more; for them it is their home.

The Chamartín district has welcomed them, and from today Óscar and Montse are ready to welcome their guests at number 25 Víctor Andrés Belaunde street. It will be the place where all those who have missed them in the last two and a half years will go, and the place where those who want to discover what they are going to offer us in this new and exciting stage will go.

They are living a moment of calm, happiness, and freedom, which is allowing them, with the help of people very close to them who have supported them throughout the process, to give life to a dream. And the most beautiful and special thing of all is that they can make it come true together. “In this new stage of the journey, we want to surround ourselves with what we feel identified with and with what has our work and life philosophy in common”, Óscar and Montse explain, very excited about the opening.

Everything in VelascoAbellà represents them, starting from the interior design of the restaurant, designed by Aitana Miñambres of the Novomueble studio, who had it clear from the beginning that everything had to breathe them. As a starting point, a mixture of concepts that identify them: the honesty of Óscar’s origins, mixed with the freshness that Montse exudes due to her proximity to the countryside and the Mediterranean Sea. With this base, they have created a space of handcrafted architecture that respects the natural materials and refers to the cuisine they offer. Stone, wood, concrete, lime, and linen in the textiles are the protagonists of the spaces in combination with soft tones and careful lighting. The curved and organic shapes that flood the premises soften the architectural elements of the space. 

The kitchen, located in the center, is the heart of the project, clad in wood and visually connected with the stone bar, and the dining room, with seating for 40 diners, which we reach after crossing a corridor with rustic touches. In the dining room, different table shapes, some of them with a sofa, custom-made handcrafted lamps that add value to the interior design and moldings on the wall linked to tradition with views of a beautiful courtyard. All these elements turn the place into an oasis of peace with a marked Mediterranean spirit.

The ground floor houses another of the most special places in this new project: a private kitchen where they can experiment, create, or offer courses, but which will also be an exclusive space where they can organize unique and personalize meetings.

VelascoAbellà is the result of years of experience of both chefs. Everything they have learned, experienced, and lived to date converges here. Two brilliant careers in which they have grown as professionals at the same time as they have matured as human beings. And this moment in which their paths converge in a new stage is the opportunity to break away from things and to show the most authentic version of themselves.

In this new stage the roles will change a little bit; although Óscar will continue to lead the kitchen, and Montse will, of course, be in charge of the pastries, she will combine this task with the restaurant and FOH management, for a very important reason that they confess us: “we want to be the hosts in our house, taking care personally of this essential part of the restaurant as well”.

But how is VelascoAbellà’s gastronomy going to be? As can be expected, Óscar and Montse will continue to make their cuisine. What they identify with and what they have always believed in and continue to do. A cuisine that is not influenced by fashions, but influenced by the market and seasonal produce, cooked in a very personal way and with a freedom that gives them the wings to grow and dream. A cuisine that identifies them, that marks their own path and shows their character. With freedom as a tool, they tell us “We have created a proposal that allows those who visit us to get to know us and decide to make them feel at home”.

On the menu, well-known classics from Óscar’s cuisine such as the Ravioli of smoked ricotta, anchovy and caviar, the Mackerel salad, and others with Montse’s signature such as the Dark chocolate and coffee curd cream with cocoa ‘grué’ ice cream, but which will be presented revisited from this perspective of freedom and renewed enthusiasm with which they are facing this exciting project. And new creations such as the Sea Suquet with sobrasada, the Lettuce hearts salad with Roast Beef, that have been created in these years in which they have not stopped training, researching, travelling, testing and above all cooking, while working on the creation of their own restaurant, which is now a reality.

A perhaps unknown passion of Velasco and Abellà is that they are passionate about the world of wine, which is why the menu they have prepared for VelascoAbellà is very carefully thought out and designed to pair perfectly with the dishes they propose.

Óscar and Montse have surrounded themselves for their project with a team of professionals to whom they have passed on that spark of enthusiasm for this project and who will be the ones to help them ensure that this dream has continuity and continues to grow.

VelascoAbellà will be open initially from Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner service, and reservations can be made on their website: www.velascoabella.com.

Óscar and Montse start this new journey with enthusiasm, responsibility, and joy, and are eager to welcome us into their house, showing themselves as they really are, without masks, without limitations, but with closeness, simplicity, and honesty.

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