We take part and collaborate in both national and international events in the world of gastronomy where we generate synergies that allow us to continue learning and growing.

We support, accompany, and try to give visibility to those who every day with their efforts try to make the world a better place.

New Gestion Food
Co organizadores de ‘Cocinas de Pueblo’

Co-organizers ‘Cocinas de Pueblo’


An event organized by Ignacio and Carlos Echapresto, owners of Venta Moncalvillo, whose first edition took place in September 2019, and which aims to give visibility to the cuisine that is made in the small villages of Spain.

Co organizadores de ‘mama’ Festival Gastronómico

Co-organizers of ‘mama’ Festival Gastronómico


Gastronomic event held in 2019 in Ezcaray which aimed to pay tribute to the cuisine of mothers with Andalusia as the Guest Autonomous Community.

ASTEAMUR u séptima edición 2019, GastroTEA, una Jornada Solidaria de Alta Cocina, que será el evento culinario del año.



It is a charity event for the benefit of Asteamur, Association for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in the Region of Murcia (Spain)

Bestfarmers.eco pretende poner en valor a los mejores productores dándoles visibilidad y el reconocimiento de su labor. Para ello, entre una serie de iniciativas



This project aims to highlight the best producers by giving them visibility and recognition for their work.

Nuestro proyecto Cocina Conciencia nace del encuentro de Fundación Raíces con personas sensibles y comprometidas del mundo de la restauración para hacer posible la incorporación laboral de esos jóvenes

Cocina conciencia en


It is a project that was born from the meeting of Fundación Raíces with sensitive and committed people from the world of restaurants to make it possible for these young people could find a job. Chefs from all over Spain are the ones who offer these young people the chance to get a job. They get involved on a human level and help someone who needs a push to get ahead in our society.

proyecto ponte puente



PONTE PUENTE is a project that brings together professionals from both sides of the Portuguese-Spanish border, inviting them to explore gastronomic topics of interest. A bridge for a relaxed and enthusiastic exchange of opinions and personal experiences.
We unite gastronomy on both sides of the border through encounters between professionals from both sides that can be enjoyed on our Youtube channel.
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Gastronomic management is an art form

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