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The restaurant is in this stunning building, home to the world’s longest cantilever, suspended 100 meters above the ground.

This transgressive concept has landed in the Emirates to rock the culinary scene.

Located on the 4th floor of the architecturally striking vertical resort One&Only One Za’abeel, StreetXO emerges as a revolutionary culinary haven, the brainchild of the celebrated four MICHELIN-starred virtuoso and luminary, Chef Dabiz Muñoz. Channelling the exhilaration of being crowned the Best Chef in the World for three consecutive years, Chef Dabiz’s StreetXO transcends the ordinary, transforming the notion of a traditional urban alley into a vivacious space where haute cuisine and unbridled energy collide. This avant-garde culinary escape mirrors Chef Dabiz’s audacious spirit, inviting diners on a thrilling journey through a vibrant street food market atmosphere.

The One&Only One Za’abeel resort, where StreetXO Dubai is located, is home to The Link, the longest cantilever in the world, suspended 100 meters above the ground. This architectural marvel houses different culinary concepts signed not only by Dabiz Muñoz, but also by other leading names on the international gastronomic scene. It is fascinating glass exterior, a revolutionary design by world-renowned architects Nikken Sekkei, levitates above the emirate’s skyline to offer 360-degree panoramic views of Dubai, an unbeatable setting in which to enjoy Dabiz’s limitless cuisine.

Chef Dabiz Muñoz, renowned for his irreverent style and revolutionary culinary finesse, is at the vanguard of world gastronomy. Crowned the World’s Best Chef in 2023 by The Best Chef Awards, his Michelin three-star masterpiece, DiverXO in Madrid, currently commands the third position on the prestigious list The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023.

A visit to StreetXO Dubai is a journey into the hedonistic and creative world of Dabiz Muñoz. Dabiz’s culinary style is not governed by rules or conventions and goes beyond the boundaries of traditional cuisine.

The main kitchen is the source of StreetXO’s drama, a focal stage with seating that allows guests to feel part of the show and interact directly with it. 

StreetXO’s dining concept ingeniously blends global flavours and recipes, elevating street food with creativity that knows no bounds to create an exemplary shareable menu. Signature dishes like Pekinese dumplings, sandwich club, Pedroche’s croquettes, RamenXO, and Vietnam Nem showcase the restaurant’s bold culinary prowess, taking the diners outside their comfort zone. The beverages served are equally provocative and flavourful, with signatures like Ceviche Sour, DiverXO Madrizzzzz, and Tom Kha Kai featured on the menu.

A meal created by Dabiz Muñoz is a thrilling, high-octane, theatrical experience full of surprises, and the interiors at StreetXO reflect that. Drawing inspiration from punk rockers and street performers from Soho, Camden and Shinjuku, the interiors are an exciting deep dive into chaos and order. The space oscillates between chaos on the ceiling and walls, while horizontal order is obtained through the design approach to the diners’ arrival and space planning.

Guests arrive at the restaurant through a tunnel, setting the scene for the visually arresting experience that awaits them. Right at the end of the tunnel, a pendant light from Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue, representing an acrobat carrying ceiling lights, becomes the dramatic first view. The bar, covered in lava lamps and labyrinthine metal pipes holding glasses and bottles, along with other quirky touchpoints throughout, adds an element that’s fun and dramatic. An adjacent Lounge space showcases a collection of unique furniture pieces by Kenneth Cobonpue and Jimmy Martin, paired with a fabric wall of onyx frame and fun art pieces, creeping through the courtains creating a quirky yet cohesive design.

This circus-like “organised chaos” continues into the main dining space with suspended tables, Jean-Paul Gaultier upholstery, and other street figures.  LED mirror screens with an infinity light technique segment the dining area and create an optical illusion of infinite reflections in the main dining space.  The terrace at StreetXO stuns with more acrobatic sculptures, along with a “top hat man” who disappears into the water under the main drop-off of the canopy.

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Led by General Manager Pedro Castro, StreetXO will open for dinner from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am every day and can accommodate 177 diners and 82 in the lounge and the bar counter. For reservations or more information, please visit oneandonlyresorts.com.

StreetXO Dubai is the latest member of the UniverXO that Dabiz created in 2007, when he opened his most personal and transgressive haute cuisine project in Madrid, DiverXO, which is today a reference in world gastronomy and has been awarded 3*MICHELIN as well as being ranked #3 on the prestigious list of The World’s 50 Best 2023.

Dabiz’s ability to develop and implement new and different concepts, with singular and unique cuisines, as well as creative and groundbreaking ones, has led him to create various other projects over the last 17 years. In Madrid, there is also StreetXO, which from today has its “replica” in Dubai, RavioXO, with 1*MICHELIN, GoXO delivery and the food truck Pollos Muñoz that travels around Spain, making stops in different cities that go crazy when they are chosen to host it.

All these projects show Dabiz’s inexhaustible capacity to create business models that move in a range of sectors from haute cuisine to street food, seducing and fascinating all the public profiles that show their affection and loyalty to Dabiz in each new venture he undertakes. And as Dabiz’s head never stops, the chef is already immersed in new businesses that will soon see the light of day and is absolutely focused on DiverXO 4.0, which is expected to see the light of day at the end of this year. So once again, the best of this fantastic UniverXO is yet to come.

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