24 October, 2019

David López moves to San Sebastián

Amelia Restaurant is throwing a culinary red carpet on October the 30th. Paulo Airaudo will welcome Chef David López from Local de Ensayo Restaurant in Murcia. They will share a unique and unforgettable night of gastronomy informed by passion and experience. David will share his cooking philosophy and his extensive knowledge of mushrooms. The menu will be a perfect blend of David’s cuisine with that of the renowned head, Chef Paulo Airaudo. Seasonality and the freshness of products will be the link to express the simplicity, delicacy, elegance of the cuisine style of these two brilliant Chefs.

16 October, 2019

“Habitual”, the restaurant of Ricard Camarena opens its doors again

Habitual, the restaurant of Ricard Camarena opened again its doors, and this time with the intention that the kitchen is closer to the customers. All this, after a reform in which much of the premises have been modified to create a new space in which to give prominence to the kitchen and achieve a more direct and personal service with the client.

13 October, 2019

David López returns to his special nights

With the arrival of autumn, David López returns to give strength to his special nights at his restaurant, Local de Ensayo, in Murcia. For this first event, on October 16, he has two luxury guests with great knowledge, who are: Ricardo Moltó de La Barra del Erre in Ibi, whom David considers his teacher, and Lucia Gravalos López of the Kabanova restaurant, in Logroño.

8 October, 2019

Da terra Restaurant, first Michelin star

On October 7, Da terra Restaurant at Town Hall Hotel in London was awarded its first Michelin star, thanks to the effort and dedication of chefs Paulo Airaudo and Rafael Cagali, and their entire team. The restaurant always had the support of its sister restaurant, Amelia by Paulo Airaudo, which also has a Michelin star. The establishment offers a surprise menu that includes 8 or 10 original and refined dishes, which reflect the origins and flavors acquired by the chefs on their trips through Latin America and Italy.

1 October, 2019

Eneko Atxa moves to Moscow to cook with the Berezutskiy brothers

On October 1 and 2, Chefs Ivan Berezutskiy and Sergey Berezutskiy received Chef Eneko Atxa from the Azurmendi restaurant at their restaurant in Moscow, Twins Garden, to cook two very special dinners together. These three great chefs include several things in common, including sustainability, which is one of the fundamental bases of their projects. In addition, the two restaurants are among the 20 best in the world according to the list “The World’s 50th best restaurants” after having climbed several positions in the last year.

30 September, 2019

Ricard Camarena cooked in Italy

On September 29, Chef Ricard Camarena traveled to Rome to cook a single dinner, hand by hand, with the Italian Chef Anthony Genovese in his restaurant Ristorante Ilpagliaccio. The chefs, both with two Michelin stars, prepared a menu with dishes from their establishments, to show their fondness for gastronomy and simplicity in their elaborations.

29 September, 2019

Óscar Velasco was part of Identita Golose Milano

On September 25 and 28, chef Óscar Velasco traveled to Milan with Identita Golose to participate in Identita Golose Milano, where he cooked there 4 dinners to show and communicate the work being done at Santceloni Restaurant to all those who attended. His cuisine is based on product and flavors, with which he wants to represent his essence, personality, culture and that define him as a Spanish chef.

25 September, 2019

Twins Garden cooked next to the Feitoria restaurant in Lisboa

Te brothers Ivan Berezutskiy and Sergey Berezutskiy of the Twins Garden restaurant in Moscow (19 # on the World´s 50 Best list), cooked alongside the host chef, Portuguese João Rodríguez in his Feitoria restaurant (with a Michelin star) in Lisbon, in a single dinner , where they put together all their knowledge and passion for gastronomy to offer a night full of flavors and emotions.

20 September, 2019

Susi Díaz presented her new menu ¨Femme¨

Susi Díaz and her family and team at La Finca Elche present their new menu “Feme”, designed as a tribute to all women, which has been inspired by the values ​​that represent the female figure and, for this, has counted with some of the pioneer winemakers in their profession to accompany their dishes.

18 September, 2019

Enrique valentí starts his new project

Enrique Valentí, Chef of Marea Alta restaurant, is premiering this days with the start of his new project in Barcelona, ​​the name is Baroz and the space is designed by Cristina Carulla Studio. For this new project, Enrique and his team have designed a Mediterranean proposal, among their dishes are pickles, salad, anchovies, prawns, and a delicious selection of rice dishes; which can be accompanied by casual drinks such as sangria, rebujito or water of Valencia.

9 September, 2019

Cocinas de Pueblo

On September 9, the brothers Ignacio and Carlos Echapresto, in Venta Moncalvillo, organized a day called “Cocinas de Pueblo”, an initiative created to give the visibility that the great kitchens of the small towns of the Spanish geography deserve. In addition, the current and future situation of rural gastronomy was discussed and analyzed.

To achieve this, they invited friends’ chefs, Nacho Manzano, Luis Lera, Ignacio Solana and Javi Ollero, who carry out their activity in rural settings, and with the participation of skilled craftsmen.

4 September, 2019

Enrique Valentí moves to Turkey

Enrique Valentí and his team move their cuisine from Barcelona to the exclusive Hotel Palomafinesse in Turkey to offer, during this week, a menu made with some of his most authentic recipes of Marea Alta, where the sea, embers and stews will be the most representative.


25 August, 2019

Mama Festival, the mother’s kitchen

Festival Gastronómico Mama taked place to pay tribute to the traditional cuisine of the mothers, artisans and gatherers of the Oja Valley and the simple life of the village. Presentations, tastings, artisan market and live performances were shared.

Chefs from La Rioja participated as Ignacio Echapresto, Fernando Sáenz and many more, where they shared the culinary traditions of their mothers.

This year, great chefs from Andalusia, Angel León, Dani García, Paco Morales, Dani Carnero, Mario Jiménez Córdoba, Pedro Sánchez, Juanlu Fernández and Xanty Elías were invited; to contribute their knowledge and tradition.

13 August, 2019

Coca Loka, Ricard Camarena’s new pop up

Ricard Camarena opens its new ephemeral Coca Loka pop up. It opened its doors on August 20 and is located in the “LAB” in the market of Colón of Valencia, where it will be established temporarily. Coca Loka was born with the idea of investigating in his personal vision of the world of pizza and coca, under a totally informal thought and a popular ticket. A project full of creativity and great illusions.

13 August, 2019

José Pizarro and his team in Turkey

José Pizarro and his team moved their cuisine and philosophy from London to the exclusive Paloma finesse Hotel in Turkey, where they offered for a week a menu made with the best recipes of the chef, from the United Kingdom, where he has lived 20 years, as from his beloved Spain, using the best turkey ingredients